About Us

Govt. Post Graduate College, Sheopur is a pioneer college in Chambal Division established in October, 1965 by the Department of Higher Education and inaugurated by the honorable higher education minister Shri Narsingh Rao Dixit of M.P. with the two programmes at UG level in B.Sc. and B.A. degree courses. This college is serving as a temple of higher education in the Chambal Region. The main thing, here is to reveal the public response that one receives after establishment. The college, though established in 1965, was honored by post-graduate status in 1998.

 It is situated in a government building and geographically suitable place. It has flourishing greenery and a botanical garden. It has separated various faculties. College building has been constructed by the funding Janbhagidari Samiti fund. Govt. of M.P. and UGC grants. It spreads over a vast campus of 10.25 acres.

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