Dr. S.D. Rathore (Principal)
Sheopur is the marginal and tribal dominated area of M.P. Government PG College,
Sheopur was established on October 18, 1965 by the then Higher Education Minister
of Madhya Pradesh Government Shri Narasimhav Dixit. The first principal of this college
was Shri NW Godbole. Mr. Godbole has a special contribution in the development of this
college. Due to the absence of other colleges even in remote areas, this college is an
important center of higher education in the region. First of all, classes of arts and
science were started in this college at graduation level. Over time, the college is also
on the path of progress. In 1979, Postgraduate Economics, Political Science and Commerce
classes opened and MA Sociology classes started in 1984. In 1997, the college has been
conferred postgraduate college status by the government. Sheopur became a district on
25.05.1998 and in the year 1999 this college was given the status of Lead college. In the year 1999 itself,
two neem gardens were planted on the vacant land outside the college, in which more than 100 trees
are growing and contributing to the improvement of the college
as well as improving the environment. In the year 2002, a computer lab was
set up to benefiting the students. Since year 2004, many employment oriented
programs have been implemented. Separate buildings have been constructed for
each postgraduate department in collaboration with Public Participation Committee,
in which classes have been started from the session 2008-09. Separate two-wheeler
and four-wheeler vehicles parking have been constructed by public participation committee.