Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest Field

Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest Field

Fields – A Teen Sex Story Set in a Midwest FieldHer hair was like the tassels on the corn he had seen all of his life growing up

“Ha Ha mister, I won. Told you ya couldn’t not touch me.” She stuck her loli back into her mouth. I had to le.

He knew this was not a really romantic description so he kept it to himself but he couldn’t stop thinking it. Like golden sunshine and the ripe harvest.

It was a good time when he was young and a beautiful time so he saw it as a beautiful thing to compare her to. He however kept it to himself and just smiled. The drove along the endless highway through Kansas and never-ending corn fields sprawled out in all directions deepening the metaphor for him. She was beautiful and when she saw he was looking at her she smiled and his heart skipped a beat.

She was in a little sun dress that showed off her cleavage perfectly as they drove. Truckers honked periodically in approval. He laughed. He couldn’t be angry. . .if he saw her driving by. . .he’d want to let her know what he thought too. He reached over and took her hand and squeezed it. They were almost there.

The cool thing about the endless fields of Kansas corn is that certain exits off the highway lead to nothing but those endless fields. Nothing but miles and miles of fields and no people. That was their destination today.

She lit a cigarette and let the breeze blow her hair into a fiery mane that whipped about and dazzled the eyes. Sitting back a little bit she let her legs spread just a tad so that her short sundress rode up just a little further’

Up to mid-thigh now, she knew it was dangerously close to starting to reveal her lack of panties to any trucker going by. With a mischievous grin at him, she slid forward in the seat wat is perfectmatch just a touch and her shaved lips peeked out just slightly to a careful observer.

She was so sexy it was hard not to just pull over and start touching now

He grinned and looked at her lips, licking his own lips in anticipation. Instead he stepped down on the accelerator and drove faster. He knew it was just a few miles to go. It seemed like those miles took years, his excitement taunting him as he kept glancing over at her and saw the dress rise further and further until her shaved pussy was basking in the summer sun, bare to the world.

She grinned and lit another cigarette, taking long drags on it as she let her other hand very subtly play with her lips, glancing over with her impish eyes to see if he was watching. He was and she thrilled to the audience to her naughtiness.

She didn’t outright play with her pussy. . . it was a slow tease. Fingers tracing her lips just slightly, teasing herself until she could feel how wet she was getting. . .she was almost dripping as she shifted and turned slightly to him. He swerved and nearly went off the road as her lips parted slightly as she scooted in the seat and the wetness inside was revealed.

Shaking his head, he floored it and took the next exit as fast as he could. He was biting his lip and looking at her every few seconds, his eyes ravenous for her now. She smiled and threw out the last of the cigarette, letting her fingers finally penetrate her lips for one quick tease up her wet slit.

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